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CHILDHOOD – A film about your child’s first years

Capture the story of your newborn baby starting just after birth. Professional storytelling and editing will make your CHILDHOOD film a unique and beautiful memory. We include interviews with the new parents as well as your own milestone videos and photos.

• New Baby – Welcome to the world
• A Childhood Story – first year
• CHILDHOOD documentary – from birth to 5 years

Legacy Video – Life Story Documentary

The ultimate gift of love is to tell someone that his or her legacy matters. A legacy video will keep your story alive. The video will include stories about your life, family history, life lessons and values you want to pass along. The interview will be combined with family photos, letters, documents and video footage. Beautifully edited together with music, graphics and text for a professional film to share and treasure in the future. In leaving your legacy you are able to share hopes and dreams and life lessons that will last for future generations. Everybody has a story to tell - preserve your story before it fates away.

Get started

What story would you tell if you had to distill your life into 40 minutes? The act of telling your story and being listened to can have a profound effect, on yourself and on the world. I will guide you through every step of the process, starting with a discovery call where I help you determine what kind of video will work best for your needs. Getting to know your story is the most important part of the process. I will personally work with you to reveal what stories matter most to you and what messages are important for you to pass along in the video. The interview is the core of the film. With careful attention to detail we will help you select the photos and documents that best illustrate your story.

The process

1. Client discovery call – what's the goal, why video, what kind of video and what use?

2. Pre-production home or office visit to organize and collect video, photos, scanning

3. Video filming – this is where the magic begins! Interview plus client portrayed in his/her environment

4. Editing: Going through the interview, photos and video footage and together with music and effects create a professional film quality video.

5. DVD burning and printing custom made

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